Reading’s ACE (Acro Community Event)

Reading’s ACE (Acro Community Event)
– Mini Festival / Skill Share

Fasten your seatbelts for ACE is taking off!

We all love sharing and learning, in the Reading Acroyoga Community we have so many skills to share from Yoga to Belly Dance, Hula Hooping to Handstands and Beatboxing to Massage, these are just a few of the skills that have been shared in our Saturday jams and taught by members of our community.

Our ACE idea is to bring everything together into a one to two days long mini festival here in Reading where members of the community will offer their skill for others to learn from. The schedule will be worked so that there are no tricky decisions on which workshop to go to, ie, one at a time, break for lunch and evening entertainment/free jam to play with the skills learnt in the day!


The community spirit is growing and more offers for workshops have been coming in. We now have offers of Beat boxing; Hooping, Massage, Laughter yoga, Improvised comedy, Slacklining, Handstands & Headstands, Arm Balancing, Yoga, and a guided walk in the local woodland.

Keep those offers coming in and there will always be the chance to offer more once you are at the festival.

If you would like to share a skill and offer a workshop then please get in touch or ping me a facebook message!


Saturday night is Cabaret night.

Bring an idea and any props you need with you.

You do not have to give a star performance; now is the opportunity for you to try something you have only dreamed of before with a community spirited audience to support you.

A song, act, poem, story, joke or something that gets everyone involved are just a few suggestions to get those ideas rolling.

And if you fancy dressing up a bit that night – go for it!

On Site

Hot tub Costumes need to be free of detergent or nude bathing is okay.
Fire Pit Remember to bring your marshmallows!
Creative Corner Please do bring any extra creative things you are happy to share.
Dream Garden A space for quiet reflection and meditation.
Wishing Line Create your wish in the Creative Corner and hang it on the Wishing Line.
The Zen Pen A space of cushions for chats and cuddle puddles
Slackline for use 24/7
Two Huskies Totally adorable, unless you are afraid of dogs.


Opening Circle is 10 am on Saturday 2nd September.
Closing Circle is 4.30pm on Sunday 3rd September. Close at 5 pm.

Camping is available from Friday 5 pm or come early Saturday morning to set up before the Opening Circle.

For those coming Friday night; there maybe an unscheduled early morning activity Saturday morning, check with William or Kailash before you hit the sack.


Saturday lunch – provide your own
Saturday dinner – Top Table. Bring with you or cook on site a dish to share with everyone for a community shared meal.
Sunday breakfast – provide your own. Some porridge is also being lovingly cooked by Matt for all to share.
Sunday lunch – Top Table. Bring with you or cook on site a dish to share with everyone for a community shared meal.

Alcohol is okay if consumed sensibly.
No drugs please.


Only £20 each for the weekend.
No investment to workshop leaders

Investments will be collected in the Marque on Saturday morning between 9 am and 10 am or given to Kailash before the event. Cash only please.

The Ethos

The community essence is the key to this mini festival. What you put in will be what is created for everyone. To aid the togetherness there will be a morning circle at 10 am on Saturday and Sunday for everyone to come to. Here we will share what the day has in-store and play a game or two. Meal times are another time for us all to come together and share food and company; there are two shared meals: Saturday evening and Sunday lunch. And then there is Cabaret on Saturday night …. Cheering on those who need it, laughing and admiring the talent. As well as the workshops and other activities there will also be Acro Jamming every day!

What to bring

Cabaret idea
Instruments for impromptu musical jams
Swimming costume, if you want to wear one. Pre-rinsed from detergents
Food to share, pot to share it from and serve it with
Plate, mug & cutlery for yourself
Wet weather gear and suntan cream!

Circus toys
Creative bits for the creative corner
Cushions for the Zen Pen

A smile and a hug

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